New site design and emphasis

Updated on 2021-02-13

I need to explain the major changes that have happened overnight. Yesterday I actually stumped up some money and bought a very nice looking WordPress theme, which you can now see being used on this site. I spent all last night going through all my posts re-categorising them and ensuring they’re all appropriately tagged; this being required for correct operation of the new theme. Now that the theme is in place, I’ve also added a few new articles covering my portfolio of previous work. Obviously saying ‘previous’ suggests that there should be future work. To that end will soon be pointing to this site allowing me more freedom to add new service pages and portfolio items due to WordPress' nice interface.

Honeymonster’s Blog will still be accessible from this site, in addition to the new XYZi pages.

The Honeymonster (Daniel Llewellyn)

My blog will still be accessible through this site, and I will still update it as regular or not as I have been thus far. However, the main emphasis of this site is now XYZi or XYZindustries which is my new term for all my ventures under one banner. XYZ Network will operate directly from this site along with Honey’s (my) blog. XYZ Internet will still have it’s own site and FreeChat UK will continue, also, to be a separate entity.

The catchphrase for the whole project is “a honeymonster venture” indicating me as the driving force behind it; and, while XYZi is now operational, there are still some things I need to get sorted (like that big blank spot on the homepage where some images and text should appear). These issues are just my lack of time rather than being “bugs” in the theme or my implementation thereof.

There are some very nice features as part of the theme which I have yet to utilise such as pullquotes and fancy text layouts.