I can definitely relate to what CuBeZeRo says in his blog entry “I’m so unfit”: I was helping to move my sister into her new flat today, I had a look around and the place is really nice, only thing i do not envy is the 3 flights of stairs to get up there every time. I was worn out carrying the first box to the top.By the time we had finished, I was soaking wet from sweating so much and just wanted to lay down.

comment spam

It appears that a new probe is being used to gain credentials which will allow users to post comment spam to (possibly only WordPress?) blogs: I’ve had a spate, since last night, of comments which include random names and email addresses (all at and the comment of “google yahoo”. That’s it! Nothing else, just the two words and links. I’ve come to the conclusion that these are probes which seem innocuous to the casual blog owner, and therefore are approved to be listed.


…Need I say any more than that? It has emerged that she’s in the process of adopting another Malawian child. Reports from both the Malawi and US officials state that an adoption procedure has been entered into. It is already three years since she adopted 13-month old David Banda from the orphanage that his father, Yohane Banda, placed him after David’s mother died. Madonna’s adoption of baby David was claimed at the time to be illegal with the Malawi government accused of breaking the adoption rules which prevented non-residents from adopting in the country.

minor improvements

I’ve made a few tweaks to my blog’s theme. The changes include: adverts in the header alternate between google and amazon, and disappear off the top of the screen as the user scrolls down, so as not to interfere with reading. adverts to the right of the sidebar, again so as not to interfere with reading or navigation. Again, these are random adsense and amazon. sidebar made position: static so that navigation is always visible footer made position: static so that copyright is always visible sidebar panels shrunk so that smaller displays are supported sidebar width is now controlled differently – left: 67%; right: 160px; that way the right of the sidebar will never overlap the adverts (or the adverts overlap the sidebar) and the sidebar will always appear exactly butted-up-against the content pane.

Google FriendConnect Plugin

I’ve just finished adding and testing a new social plugin for XYZ Network and blogs. This plugin hooks into google’s platform using open standards-based mechanisms to allow a user to join a blog as a commentator and have their comments posted to a variety of other sites as they post them in reply to blog entries. This allows for syndication between the popular blog networks and your blog via links back to your blog in association with the comments posted by your users which get crossposted to plaxo or twitter or orkut (for e.

Channel Hopping Drugs Rant

This is a collection of random thoughts as I tried to get to grips with what I hated about the subject in hand: While trialing out my new media centre setup (more on that in another post in a day or so), I was channel hopping and ended up on Sky1 with some documentary about a guy called Ben who ruined his life with heroine. I know I’m supposed to be all understanding and stuff, but how can someone destroy himself and those around him willingly.