Channel Hopping Drugs Rant

This is a collection of random thoughts as I tried to get to grips with what I hated about the subject in hand: While trialing out my new media centre setup (more on that in another post in a day or so), I was channel hopping and ended up on Sky1 with some documentary about a guy called Ben who ruined his life with heroine. I know I’m supposed to be all understanding and stuff, but how can someone destroy himself and those around him willingly.


Martin of our sister company has written a nice how-to for setting up WordPress cron jobs to run properly when using services similar to our own, which prevent loop-back access to the same machine. The way that WordPress usually runs, is that when a user clicks onto your site after the scheduled time for cron to be fired has gone past the engine opens a loop-back http request to itself. This is to prevent needlessly locking up the server leaving the user staring at a blank screen while ping-backs are fired before they see the page.

That thar welcome page

As a follow up to the bendy corners post the other day, I thought I should explain how I got my theme to display my welcome page on the main blog listing. Well, it’s actually quite simple, and requires the index.php of your theme to be modified with the following: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 <?php $welcome = get_page_by_title('Welcome'); ?><?php if ($welcome && $welcome != '') { ?


After a brief foray into the world of joomla!, I have decided that I like WordPress much better for bloggy-type stuffs, and possibly for other less bloggy-type situations. Comments are included in WordPress as standard, whereas I needed to add them to joomla!. Joomla defaulted to a weird layout that I couldn’t work out how to change, which meant that there were multiple columns of entries on the blog page, which needn’t necessarily be in the right order – especially if you read left-to-right rather than top-to-bottom.


The observant amongst you may have noticed a new page appear in the navigation, or that the bar down the right hand side of each page within this site has disappeared. Well, the sidebar is still there, just hidden. To get at all the functionality of the sidebar, one just needs to click the little arrow to the right of every page under the sunset (or the vertical text underneath that) and the sidebar will be revealed by some technological wizardry written by myself with the aid of the fabulous script.


This is very old and very bad. Do not use it 😁👍🏻 Following up from my FramedBlog, I’ve now replaced my frames with an AJAX load system. This allows the sidebar and any header and footer to remain constant. This was initially due to my desire to have a music player written in flash to remain loaded and playing throughout pageloads. At first, I thought it would be better to use Frames, but have since been playing with asynchronous loading.