Framed blog update

I’ve just uploaded an update to my framedblog plugin for WordPress. You can find information about it on the framedblog page by clicking the link on the right-hand navigation column of this site. Of note, and the reason for the update, is that back and forward buttons and editing of the address bar in-situ. are all supported. This means that clicking the back button will, with a maximum of 1 second delay, navigate to the previous page viewed.


OK, so in upgrading my version of WordPress to the latest RC of 2.5, I managed to wipe out all my plugins and theme.. So that is the reason things look somewhat different atm.

Spinnaker Tower Collapses

News just in, the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth has collapsed!! OK, so it’s a fake, but it’s pretty impressive use of computer software to generate such a convincing rendition. This was done for someone’s Degree course at Southampton University.

Flash music player

You should have noticed a flash-based music player in the top left of your browser window when viewing this site. I’ve been rather clever with this, in that it will remember where the music had got up to when pausing and resuming playback. Also of note, is that if you click the pause button a cookie will be saved that tells the player NOT to start playback on the next page reload.

Rolling Stones song

Rolling Stones song I see an iMac and I want it painted black, No colours anymore I want them to turn black. It’s not a real computer, you have to face the facts. When you’re on a Macintosh, your soul has turned to black.

PHP and the isset() function

It has been common usage to utilise the isset() function to determine if a variable in PHP has a value. This is as opposed to checking the contents are not NULL or the empty string: "". I had utilised this facility thoroughly in the CRIMP code-base (available on source-forge under the same name), and was wondering why a certain scenario wasn’t being handled as I expected. Now, I knew I could work around the issue, but I felt I needed to find out what the actual cause was.