UPDATE: see my new post here published: true Wowzers! After I had my mac mini arrive just two weeks ago, I’ve been impressed no-end by the OSX operating system. So much so that, now that I’m sending my mac mini back for an upgrade under the 14-day remorse period (they upgraded the mac mini line on Tuesday to a much more advanced unit), and I’m to be without my beloved OSX, I decided to have another go at getting it installed on my beige box PC.

Evil Car

I got this link off threenine in IrCQNet’s #computers channel. When I saw the car, I almost vomited. Yes, it truly is that vile. I still can’t look at the image, even knowing what it contains, without feeling queasy and needing to turn away. This car really is the epitome of bad design. As someone is quoted as saying: “All those mangled panels are apparently essential in gaining greater aerodynamic efficiency, presumably because the Weber’s appearance physically scares the air out of its path.


NOTE: this is a repost, the original post has disappeared. As Bender the robot from Futurama would say: OH.. YOUR.. GOD!! I found links to MP3s of popcorn!! For those of you that have never heard of popcorn, listen up.. Originally composed by one Gershon Kingsley, popcorn is one of the all-time greats. This track is instantly recognisable, and has been covered umpteen times. I found a site with 79 different cover versions of this Popcorn music track.