Big Brother

OK, I know I’ve been posting a slew of entries today (making up for a few days with no posts, I guess), but this one I felt had to be addressed. The government will, from the 6th of april, be monitoring every email and possibly instant message and chat communication by uk residents. Let me reiterate that, every email and telephone number you send and receive is now monitored. The EU passed a directive recently which required all member states to do this.

Computing for an older generation

I came across this video and just had to share it with someone, but I had more to say than would fit into Facebook or Twitter (and who uses Google+?!) I love that he is so excited that he can barely speak. It’s absolutely great that someone from one of the older generations (read: alive before the 1990’s) can get into and find uses for technology that kids take for granted.

Controversy in the pits

This year in the Formula1 world looks set to be a very controversial one from the outset. Three teams have thus-far come under criticism for flouting the new rules which are designed to limit downforce. Toyota, Williams and Brawn GP have all designed their cars in a clever fashion to increase the downforce generated by the underside of the car. It all revolves around the “diffuser”, which is a piece of bodywork which fits underneath the gearbox behind the rear-axel-line.

Egypt, the Human Spirit & Freedom.

So, it’s late into the morning again, and I’m awake in what appears to be a progressive cycle. Ho hum. random service update At least I can be of some use; to that end I’ve been reorganising the DNS servers to hopefully improve our load-balancing “round robin” which randomly sends users to each of the four servers. I’ve also moved the wiki onto the same servers which power the chat service, and upgraded the software at the same time, ensuring that the wiki stays live even when a single point in the “system” fails.

Eric S. Raymond's Opinion on the GPL

[Video Gone] What he’s saying makes alot of sense, and personally I’m becoming more disillusioned as to the GPL vs other licenses such as the BSD. The BSD Unices have managed to get along just fine with large numbers of developers, despite their license allowing anyone to come along and take the code closed-source. As Mr Raymond says, the market will punish companies that keep their developments closed requiring paid developers to move things forward while the opensource product that was aped will, most likely, vastly outnumber the closed corporation’s developer count by an order of magnitude.


This page is no-longer relevant. — After spending a while looking into caching methods on WordPress, Deadpan110 and I have started work on a way to reduce database server load. Most caching methods for WordPress involve creating static (WP-Cache) or semi-static (Staticize Reloaded) pages and these are very good at reducing web and database load but are very quirky on sites with a lot of dynamic content. Although the database cache does not reduce web server load, it does reduce the amount of queries sent to the database server.