Eric S. Raymond's Opinion on the GPL

[Video Gone] What he’s saying makes alot of sense, and personally I’m becoming more disillusioned as to the GPL vs other licenses such as the BSD. The BSD Unices have managed to get along just fine with large numbers of developers, despite their license allowing anyone to come along and take the code closed-source. As Mr Raymond says, the market will punish companies that keep their developments closed requiring paid developers to move things forward while the opensource product that was aped will, most likely, vastly outnumber the closed corporation’s developer count by an order of magnitude.


This page is no-longer relevant. — After spending a while looking into caching methods on WordPress, Deadpan110 and I have started work on a way to reduce database server load. Most caching methods for WordPress involve creating static (WP-Cache) or semi-static (Staticize Reloaded) pages and these are very good at reducing web and database load but are very quirky on sites with a lot of dynamic content. Although the database cache does not reduce web server load, it does reduce the amount of queries sent to the database server.

First post using xmlrpc: 'how I fixed a bug..'

I’ve not posted in a couple of days, so I figure I should explain what I’ve been up to with While playing about with windows I had a little look at Windows Live Writer, a blog editing tool made by nasty Microsnot. What actually took me by surprise, is just how useful it is to be able to write your blog posts off-line and then publish them all in one go when you get internet connectivity.

Fotobook 3.1.7

I’ve just added an update to my fotobook-thickbox patch and packages to bring the version numbers into parity with upsteam’s release. This new package/patch can be downloaded at my fotobook-thickbox page


Another post about my dabblings with fotobook, this time to announce my publishing of a patch which adds thickbox support to fotobook 3.1.5.

Fotobook+Thickbox integration

As part of my ongoing efforts to unify Wordbook and Fotobook, I have added the same check that the author of wordbook put in place into fotobook. This check determines whether the facbook API has already been loaded by the time the plugin executes and loads it if necessary. Also in this release is thickbox support. The above updates are now present in stock fotobook, so are no longer required in my patch.